How Families Can Get off of Welfare

Welfare is necessary in many cases, but it really isn't a lot of fun for someone to be on it for an extended period of time. Not only does this cost the taxpayers a lot of money, but it also causes families to live in poverty for many years. Luckily, there are things that families can do in order to get off of welfare.

First of all, finding suitable employment is a necessity. Those who are on welfare but who are having a hard time getting a good job, however, can work with local unemployment offices or can get federal grants so that they can go to school to get a better education.

Along with getting a decent job, those who are on welfare also need to pay close attention to how they spend their money so that they can get off of welfare. Finding affordable living arrangements, shopping carefully for groceries and other items and avoiding expensive yet unnecessary purchases, such as alcohol and drugs, can really make a difference.

Although getting off of welfare isn't easy, it is rewarding for those who are accustomed to needing help to be able to finally support themselves and their families on their own.

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The Government Wants to Force Families off of Welfare

The Government Wants to Force Families off of Welfare

A History of Low-Income Citizens
One of the major distinctions between the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is the viewpoint each party has on the role of government. More specifically, the role that government plays in the lives of people as well as states is the major horizon line for each political party. On the one hand, the Republican Party sees a smaller government and the Democratic sees areas in which the United States government can lend a hand to help people in need. This is where the dividing line is drawn between the controversial issue of welfare.

How This Creates Problems As Well As Solutions
People on welfare are mostly low-income families that benefit greatly from their monthly allotments. However, the Republican Party is fighting hard to end welfare assistance. However, if the United States government created new jobs through sustainable energy efforts, new modern infrastructure and competitive manufacturing opportunities, there would be a decrease of welfare assistance. Nevertheless, welfare is an essential part of helping less fortunate people and families across the nation. It is a major concern, but it is also a major relief for many Americans.

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Jobless People Rely on the Welfare System

There is a stereotype that labels jobless people as addicts to the welfare system. People who are unemployed for whatever reasons are eligible to receive monthly benefits from the government. However, there are limitations to the welfare system. For example, workers may receive monthly benefits only for a certain period of time after losing their jobs. While receiving benefits for unemployment, these beneficiaries must show sincere efforts to search for work.

Sometimes, it is more suitable for certain people to earn a small income in order to qualify for certain welfare benefits like medical. For example, people under the poverty line can receive full health insurance coverage. Such people may figure that it's better to make a small salary and receive free healthcare rather than make a modest income and pay for health insurance.

People who are physically disabled cannot hold a job and therefore quality for welfare benefits. It's difficult to blame such individuals because they would sincerely prefer to work but they simply aren't fit to do so. Physically disabled people often try to work from home through the phone or the computer to make a supplemental income. The bottom line is that welfare isn't all that bad.

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Welfare Helps Families Who Are Struggling

Without a doubt, welfare is one of the most divisive political and economic topics in today's world. However, the fact remains that the welfare system to help families who are struggling to make ends meet.

Opponents of welfare decry it as a socialist mechanism to redistribute wealth to people who are undeserving. However, the fact is that most individuals on welfare are not able to pull their weight in the workforce for one reason or another. Most people who were on welfare are either elderly individuals or children - groups who obviously cannot "pull their weight" by getting a job.

The increased need for welfare is also an indication of cultural changes throughout the world. Monogamous relationships are decreasing and more and more people are having babies out of wedlock. Along with this, the job market across the world is shrinking because of globalization and automation. As the world population grows and the job market shrinks, there will be an increased need for welfare in the future. The arguments will continue; however, it remains to the opponents of welfare to come up with a better solution to support the growing number of individuals who are unable to support themselves for one reason or another.

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Welfare Helps Families get Back on Their Feet

The public welfare system was created to help families feed their children and meet their basic needs during times of unemployment while they are having other financial difficulties. While the system is not meant to be a long-term solution, many families are able to use welfare to get back on their feet.

Welfare provides a small cash allowance, food stamps and medical assistance to families in need. Most of the people who receive welfare benefits are single parents with children. Many of them use the assistance after they separate from their spouse so they can continue to feed their children while they look for work to support the family.

Since the 1990's, the United States welfare system has been encouraging recipients to be self-sufficient and many people who were previously relied on public assistance have been able to use the resources provided to them to go to school to earn a GED or college degree. Welfare provides child care assistance to many families, allowing them to work without spending the majority of their paycheck on child care.

Because of welfare, children in the US do not go hungry. Families are able to get back on their feet after a period of unemployment or a medical condition.

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Families on Welfare Get Looked Down on

Welfare, to many, is a bad word. But what would you do if you couldn't take care of your family due to circumstances out of your control? There are real families struggling right now. They are trying to find work and trying to support themselves. They are not looking for a handout but a way to get themselves to higher ground.

For many years, welfare has been considered a way of freeloading on the government. A way of getting something for nothing. A way of getting over on the general public. These days, the economic crisis is getting bad and times are getting tough. As a result more and more people are having to turn to public assistance to get by. Not because they are too lazy to work, but because their jobs are falling out from underneath them. Because there is little work available. Even those who have a regular job may not be making enough to get by.

Families in the United States and all around the world are struggling to get by. That is what programs like welfare are in place for. Pride is important, but it is equally important that we do not make people feel badly for doing what they need to do to take care of their families.

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Will the Republicans Shut Down the Welfare System

This is a tangential question. In other words, it's yes and/or no and it's not black and/or white. There is no doubt that the welfare system has over the past few years served a very needy - underemployed citizenry, but as in any such benefic program two things are apt to happen. One, it becomes institutionalized. Two, it becomes corrupted by the freeloaders who were never the targets for the program in the first place.

The Republicans want to look good, but not lose their continuances' money and support. They want to look kind, but not with the inclusion of corrupted participants and officials. They want to win hearts and win votes, they want to win four more years.

The problems that may face the welfare system are the results of any societal system and not one of just Republicans or Democrats. However, we can expect that the system under a Democratic Congress will continue with little change or constraints, while a Republican Congress or Presidency will want to reign in on some of the peripheral spending, any obvious waste and declare a victory for saving an otherwise doomed program fostered for the poor. The Republicans aren't anti-poor. Without the poor, there would not be the defined lines of who is who and who has not! However, the Republicans do want to put their brand or stamp on some improvement that would reflect in more people 'moving-on-up' and enable them to beat their chests that "our solutions were right".

For most of those receiving welfare because they qualify based upon need, this is more the "nature of man" not the character of politics. If you're actually able bodied, or a sloth, or prefer to work the system than work at all, then you are costing those truly at the bottom dearly. You need to be cauterized to save them. You need to get back to work!

Yes, perhaps the Republicans can craft some new system or program to snare those types that follow a path of corruption and "they" should be worried for having over stayed there welcome. However in the end, welfare is about caring for your neighbor. It is not a political anathema. And there is this, "There but for the grace of God go I".

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Low-income Families Rely on the Welfare System

The welfare system as we know it today has been around since the Great Depression ravaged the nation's economy in the 1930s. President Franklin D. Roosevelt created it as a way to help the people that had lost their jobs during this time.

Over the years, the welfare system has evolved to meet the changing needs of low income families. There are now programs that low income families rely on just to get by every day, like the food stamp and Medicaid programs. Without these two programs, children would go hungry and serious medical issues would be left untreated.

Then there are also programs that low income families rely on to help them maintain or get a job. These programs include: daycare assistance, programs that provide appropriate work clothes, and car repair assistance (to help people get to work).

Even though, the welfare program has seen wide spread abuse; with the recent recession, it once again became a valuable asset to the country. It was able to give people, which suddenly found themselves with no income, something to rely on to be able to feed their families. Just like it did when it was first created in the 1930s.

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Welfare helps People in Poverty Get By

The welfare system is changing and many localities are requiring effort on the part of those who are receiving welfare. Poverty is a growing problem in the United States and in a struggling economy there is more need for government assistance programs then ever before. No longer intended to be a hand out, welfare recipients are actually having to be in work programs or at the very least volunteer in their communities on a full time basis to receive their benefits.

There are also many programs that provide welfare families with the resources they need to get back on their feet. These include counseling, nutritional services, medical care, resume writing services, and on and on. The Department of Social Services is reaching out to help these families get back on their feet. Welfare is just a tool to help them get by while they are becoming more stable.

Welfare is a short term solution for families that are in crisis. It is not intended to be a long term source of income. Welfare does not pay for everything. It does, however, help families to pay the basics while they look for work and find balance in their lives once again.

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